Do you have a demand for thermal energy?


Or do you have excess heat that could be recovered?


According to some estimates, approximately 90% (2 778 TWh) of the heat demand in the residential and service sectors of the EU27 countries could be covered by excess heat from energy production, industrial processes and waste incineration (Persson et al. [1]). Considering this potential, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) - formerly known as CRP Henri Tudor - has created a heat map that provides information on thermal energy in Luxembourg.

What is the aim of the map? To allow information to be exchanged between heat producers (industries with waste heat, biogas plants, etc.) and users (municipalities, companies, national institutions, etc.), by gathering data (energy quantities, temperature level, etc.) on heat sources and heat sinks.

Take part in an innovative project!

LIST is looking for managers of excess heat sites as well as large thermal plants (cogeneration, biomass burners) and district heating systems to participate in the project by providing data through online questionnaires.

Accessing the heat map of Luxembourg

The online heat map can be consulted freely. It currently provides information on several excess heat sites in Luxembourg. For confidentiality reasons, only a limited number of company data  can be published on this site. In the short term, the map should be expanded to include data on thermal energy plants, district heating systems and heating demand of households at municipal level.


[1] Persson U., Werner S., 2012, District heating in sequential energy supply, Applied Energy, 95, pp. 123-131